Re: KernelIoControl error 50

just to be sure: in your post you say that you want to call
Is it a typo...?

Anyway, which IRQ do you need for the parallel port? if you need the
'standard' IRQ5 or IRQ7 you do not need to associate to a SYSINTR since
they are statically mapped to SYSINTR_FIRMWARE+5 and SYSINTR_FIRMWARE+7
respectively (check %_WINCEROOT%\PLATFORM\COMMON\SRC\X86\COMMON\INTR\init.c)


Luca Calligaris

<vlatko.petkoski@xxxxxxxxxxx> ha scritto nel messaggio
Hi. I'm using windowsCE 6.0 and x86 platform.

I'm writing IST for parallel port. I'm using MSDN example for IST.

When I call KernelIoControl it fails with error code 50
sizeof( dwIrq ),
sizeof( g_dwSysInt ),
From the link above I modify oalioctl.cpp in C:\WINCE600\PUBLIC\COMMON
add IOCTL_HALL_REQUEST_SYSINTR and after that I build new OSDesign
I start my application and KernelIoControl() failed again with error
What I'm doing wrong?
My problem is to translate IRQ from parallel port to SYSINTR value.
Is there another way or should I use this way?
Please give me some example how to exactly call KernelIoControl().
Thanks in advance.
Regards Vlatko.


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