Re: Third Party DLLs (CE6)

I didn't know everything in the Files folder was copied over during the
build... good to know.

I might lean towards creating a sources file and to copy the
dll over to the release directory. This would keep the platform.bib
consistent with other drivers that are built into the system.

Shawn Rosti

"Bruce Eitman [eMVP]" wrote:

There are several ways to do it, these come to mind:

1. Put the dll in your FILES folder, it is automatically copied to the
release dir
2. Change the bib file to get the dll from its original location
3. Create a sources and to copy the dll to your target folder
when the platform is built, again automatically copied to the release dir
This blog post explains how to do this for a header file, but the concept is
the same:

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"Shawn Rosti" <ShawnRosti@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have noticed that if I add a third party DLL to platform.bib to look for
the DLL in the release directory, that every time I build, it removes that
DLL and I have to recopy it over. Is there a recommended way of having the
DLL copied over to the release directory during the build? I could modify
platform.bib to just point to where the original DLL is located.

Is there a generally preferred way of integrating third-party DLLs into a

Shawn Rosti