Re: Third Party DLLs (CE6)

As Bruce said, it sounds like you're "installing" the D:LL in the release
folder. That's wrong. The release folder is like the Obj folder in your
application build, completely transient. *Nothing* in that folder should be
assumed to be permanent.

Install the third-party stuff to a suitable location under \wince600, maybe
\wince600\3rdparty (obvious, once you see that folder there ;-), and arrange
your BIB file to get the DLL from its actual location, not the release

If the DLL is *built*, not just installed, then you'll have to arrange for
the compilation, anyway, and just adding WINCEREL=1 to the SOURCES file or
adjusting the Platform Builder project that builds it to copy the result to
the flat release directory should arrange for the file to always end up in
the flat release directory (and then you don't have to change the BIB file,
of course).

Paul T.

"Shawn Rosti" <ShawnRosti@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have noticed that if I add a third party DLL to platform.bib to look for
the DLL in the release directory, that every time I build, it removes that
DLL and I have to recopy it over. Is there a recommended way of having the
DLL copied over to the release directory during the build? I could modify
platform.bib to just point to where the original DLL is located.

Is there a generally preferred way of integrating third-party DLLs into a

Shawn Rosti


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