Re: Compact flash driver question

Compact Flash devices that are ATA/Flash cards can be interfaced in a number
of ways. The two most-usual are 1) as PCMCIA devices, and 2) as ATA/IDE

If you've made the interface to the CF card look like PCMCIA, there's a
fairly standard method of talking to that and you should have a host PCMCIA
driver for your actual one (there's an example for specific hardware in the
Mainstone BSP, which has PCMCIA support for PXA processor), and, on top of
that, will run socket services and card services provided by MS in Windows
CE. You'd need a host controller driver (PC Card Host), for your hardware,
and a driver for the PC Card ATA (Compact Flash/PC Card Storage (ATADISK)).

If you've made the interface look like an ATA/IDE device, as I said, you
need the hard disk/IDE driver (the card looks just like an ATA hard disk; it
simply happens to be implemented in flash).

Paul T.

"MSCENV" <mscenv@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
No, it's to adapt to the compact flash timing parameters. Are there
any common code drivers for compact flash? All I am seeing are
hardware level drivers that are written to communicate with pcmcia
controllers and not the compact flash/pcmcia card structure itself.