Re: Adobe Flash support in IE (Win CE 5.0)

1. You can get some sort of Flash support for Windows CE from BSquare. You
have to buy it, of course. I don't know if it runs inside IE on Windows CE
or only stand-alone either.

How about telling us, instead of asking us to comment on a semi-random list
of technologies, *what* you're trying to do and letting us suggest a line of

Paul T.

"GS" <siddarth.gopal@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Im using Win CE 5.0 under MIPS II CPU

1. How to add support for "adobe flash" in IE on Win CE 5.0 ?
2. How about performance when visiting sites like Youtube ?
3. Any suggestions for third party solutions ?
4. How to add Silverlight support to IE on Win CE 5.0 ?

Kindly share your experience/ideas regarding this..

Thank you,