RE: MODULES vs FILES in bib file

The drivers in MODULES section without compressed couled be eXecuted In
Place(Nor flash or RAM) and need no more extra RAM to place driver codes. The
drivers in FILES section are default compressed, and must be de-compressed
into other RAM block first while executing. So, the drivers in MODULES
section are different to the drivers in FILES section in launch speed and RAM

"tpandey02@xxxxxxxxx" wrote:

Hi All,

Can anybody tell me that if I move my driver dll from MODULES section
to FILES section is there going to be any effect as far as my driver
working is concern ?

I mean is what is the difference If I move my driver from MODULES to
FILES ?I wanted to read a file from release directory and after moving
that to FILES section I can read that now but don't know if the
performance of the driver will have any impact.