Re: memry leaks in CE 6.0

Thank you Valter Minute for your reply.

Yes i reached out of memory by only doing open/close operations on the

I observed this with wordpad and my applications as well. The amount of
memory loss is different for different apps.

Anyway i will try with emulator. I have one question. if at all there is a
memory leak then how CE will treat that memory. Will it assume the lost
memory as available. Why i' asking is i'm seeing data aborts at random points
in explorer.exe which traces to getdirtypage function in kernel code. The
data abort reports BVA as 0. Any input will be really helpful.


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whenever i open and close an application there is a memory loss of
around 16KB. I tested by opening "Mydevice" and closing it. Every
time there is loss of around 16KB. This memory is not getting
recovered. In no time entire program memory is gone. Is this a bug
in kernel or something to do with my BSP?. I'm using CE 6.0.
Installed all updates upto R2. My OSdesign is mobile hand held.

Opening "mydevice" does not launch an application, it simply opens a
new window inside explorer.exe.
You really reached an out of memory condition by opening and closing
"my device"? If you see the "leak" after a few opening/close operation
it may be that explorer keeps some caching information or something
like that and this doesn't mean that it will leak memory on the long
If you reached an out of memory condition, this may be a memory leak
of explorer or of one of the components that it uses (filesystem,
mass-storage and filesystem drivers and filters, display driver, GDI
You may try the same test on the emulator.
If you experience the same memory leak you can suspect OS components,
if you don't have any leak the problem may be specific of your

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