Re: Program memory usage in Windows CE 5.0

Write a program that copies files periodically.
Check the remote tools to see if memory usage keeps increasing over time.
This also excludes explorer from your test.

If the mem-usage increase is just limited and does not keep increasing ,
there is no problem. Maybe youré looking for a problem that does not exist.


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Does the memory usage grow with each operation or just the first one?

What file system do you have mounted as root? Is it object store
(RAM-backed) or flash or ?

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Hi there,

I have a question on Program memory usage in Windows CE 5.0. When I
copy a file from one location to another on the device I see incerase
in program memory usage. (For example from MyDocuments to Desktop).
But if I delete the same file from desktop and recycle bin, I don't
get back the memory allotted during the copy. Is this memory leak in
Windows CE 5.0 filesystem? If not why Windows CE behaves like this?
Who uses that memory? How to avoid this happening?

Any inputs will be helpful!

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Yes it grows for every operation (some times it increases by 12KB,
next time if you copy the same file it increases by 4 KB. The
increment is random), but it doesn't grow by file size. My platform
has flash memory and I have mounted flash disk as root and using hive
and ROM filesystem. Is there anyway I can avoid it?
This is critical issue. Any inputs will be really helpful!

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I am using FATFS. Similar behaviour is seen on Emulator platform as
well. Is this memory leak in filesystem? Some times I have seen that
usage of program memory increment stops also after copying the same
file several times (may be 3-4 times). But if I copy some other file
and delete again it increses.

I have set FRAMPERCENT= 128KB (minimum).

Steps to reproduce:
1) Build Emulator platform.
2) Check original Program memory usage using Control Panel-->System
2) Copy some file from Windows directory to desktop (copy a file more
than 10K size)
3) Observe the change in INUSE program memory.
4) delete the file. File will be moved to recycle bin. and observe the
memory status.
5) Delete the file from recycle bin as well and check the memory
status. It will not come to original state (I mean what you observe in
step 2)

Note: While I test this, I dont do any other operation.