Re: Program protection - can not be copied

DLLs in the modules section aren't actually files. The code in the DLL has been extracted and inserted directly into the OS image. This saves space in Flash and in memory, and improves performance. This has nothing to do with filter drivers. This can only be done when the OS image is first created.

You can't do the same thing with files that get installed after the OS image is created. That kind of thing might involve a filter driver or something similar.

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"Rob" <Rob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:5DDE3F27-5B31-48CD-977C-94B9FF4CA3E0@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hallo Michel,

hows life down under (well almost) ?

As it happens, I am dealing with exactly this problem right now.
I am trying to extract a DLL from an existing build.
The build is copy-protected, so copying the the DLL with explorer wont work.
I wrote a little app to copy the file, but it cant open it for reading.
Does such a filesystem filter only allow a certain process to read ?
or only a kernel-process ?

My other approach was to make an .NB0 file, and trying to extract the
dll-file from there. But my tool cannot extract it since the files was placed
in the modules section.
(it can only extract from files-section)

Since you seem to know about these filesystem-filters, do you know the best
way around it ? I have a tool to start/stop drivers, Should I stop the FAT
driver, and start another dll instead (fat driver from an original build) ?


"Michel Verhagen (eMVP)" wrote:

Not really, you could write a filesystem filter that prevents your
application or parts of it to be copied out.

Michel Verhagen, eMVP
mverhagen at embeddedfusion dot com

Brian wrote:
> Thank you very much.
> It seems that there is no any direct method to protect the program from
> being copied.
> The only way to protect the program is doing with some unique ID or
> hardware-specific inforamtion.
> Right?
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>> "Brian" <Brain> wrote in news:uCUmufTaHHA.4872@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:
>>> Dear expert,
>>> I want to protect my program in CE 5.0.
>>> After installing the program into system, I want the file can not
>>> be copied. Then, user can not copy the program and run on other
>>> device.
>>> Is it possible? And How to archive this solution?
>> If you put the file inside the OS image it won't be possibile to
>> extract only the application (unless it's a managed app) from the .bin
>> file (or from the image on flash).
>> It's possibile to "download" the image from a device and run it on
>> another one, but they must be hardware compatible.
>> If you need to "lock" the image on a specific hardware you'll have to
>> find a way to put some device-specific information (serial number, MAC
>> address etc.) in the image but this could be a nightmare to manage in
>> production.
>> -- >> Valter Minute
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