Re: Lost PB registration key..?

Hi Thomas

Contact me offline at martin.grossen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(without nospam)
Maybe, there is a way to get your key back...


Martin Grossen, eMVP

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"Thomas Johansen" <none@xxxxxxx> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

I do have a bit of a problem. We do have an installation on a computer in
my company, where the PB 5.0 is installed with the registration key. The
computer is old (and slow) I would like to get PB installed on my own
computer. But the serial number has been lost !!! (Actually its my boss
who has lost it, so Its not me to blame :-))
Is there any why of extract/move it from the old computer ??

Is there any way of getting the lost serial number back or do we have to
by a new copy ?

I know it sound like I will use a illegal copy but that not the case..


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