Re: SD card detect for SD card driver

is there any interrupt for SDcarddetect... here in my specifications i
had only one interrupt.
to initialize....,
presently i am working on the same
here are my debug messages
0x86ba0d7c: DEVICE!RegReadActivationValues
Driver\BusPrefix) returned 2
0x86ba0d7c: SDBusDriver: PROCESS_ATTACH
0x86ba0d7c: SDBusDriver: +SDC_Init
0x86ba0d7c: SDBusDriver: Initialize: Using request list depth of 48
0x86b3dd7c: SDBusDriver: BusRequestCompleteDispatch Work Item Starting
0x86ba0d7c: SDBusDriver: Bus Driver instance created : 0x00031E60 !
0x86ba0d7c: DEVICE
RegQueryValueEx(Drivers\BuiltIn\SDHCBase\BusPrefix) ret
urned 2
0x86ba0d7c: SDHCDGetHCFunctions: +Init
0x86ba0d7c: SDHCDGetHCFunctions: -Init
SDH: +DAVINCI SDHC Initialization
SDH: Active RegPath: Drivers\Active\4294967283
SDH: Real RegPath:
0x86ba0d7c: SDBusDriver: Host Controller "Lubbock" assigned number 0
0x86b8ad3c: SDBusDriver: SlotStatusChange Work Item Starting Up
SDH: -SDH_Init
0x86ba0d7c: DEVICE!RegReadActivationValu
es RegQueryValueEx(Drivers\BuiltIn\PCI\DllName) returned 2
0x86ba0d7c: DEVICE!I_ActivateDeviceEx: can't find all required
activation values
in 'Drivers\BuiltIn\PCI'

can you please let me know where i am going wrong.

voidcoder wrote:
Use SDHCDIndicateSlotStateChange() among the
DeviceInserted and DeviceEjected events to
to indicate insertion/removal. Of course,
you will need also to implement all the
platform specific stuff.

On Wed, 11 Oct 2006 09:34:56 +0200, <seshucherukuri@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

hello All,
here i am writing a SD card driver for ARM9 processor in WinCe
please let me know the procedure for card detection.