Re: Installing CAB file early in boot sequence

How early are we talking? Remember that all of the APIs that the installer
might call have to be *ready* when it calls them, or no boot for you. In
particular, think about popping up dialogs, doing filesystem I/O, etc.
Those operations are all dependent on different parts of the OS being

Paul T.

"AJM42" <software@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> We've found a way around ShellExecuteEx - Use CreateProcess instead
> BUT...
> Now I find I cannot get wceldcmd.exe into the build.
> We want to keep wceload
> But I have tried setting SYSGEN_WCELDCMD=1 in Project Settings but the
> build still only includes wceload, not wceldcmd
> Anyone else used wceldcmd?
> (BTW This is CE 5.0)