Re: How to debug a device driver on a PPC?

What does "install" mean? Copy it to the Windows folder, make some registry
entries, and reboot the device? The right set of stuff depends on the type
of driver we're talking about (BuiltIn, PC Card, USB client). No, there's
no quick, built-in way to do that which I'm aware of.

Copying the file to the right place can be done with Remote File Viewer,
ActiveSync or whatever else your specific device has. Adding items to the
registry might be done with a second utility program that knows the right
entries and calls the RegXXX functions to make them, or you could go all-out
and write a program to parse a .REG file and put the entries in the registry
for you. Rebooting the device is specific to the device you are targeting,
so you'll have to figure that out.

Paul T.

"Kimo Jolin" <kimojolin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I am particularly interested in how to install the driver when I am in
> development phase. Is there a quick way to do that other than write the a
> driver installer using the CAB file?
> "Paul G. Tobey [eMVP]" <ptobey no spam AT no instrument no spam DOT com>
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>> 1. Well, you might open a socket as your debug method and then have a
>> program running on the desktop that will receive the debug data and
> display
>> it. There's no free and easy way with no work for you, no.
>> 2. Presumably however you are planning to distribute the driver to real
>> customers. Probably you're going to use some sort of installation
> program,
>> so use that. It should allow you to specify registry entries to make,
> etc.
>> Paul T.
>> "Kimo Jolin" <kimojolin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
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>> > Thank you for your help. Your hints are quite helpful but I still have
>> > two
>> > questions that need to be answered.
>> >
>> > 1. Is there any way to display debugging messages to the development
>> > workstation i.e. XP or Windows 200?
>> > 2. After I compiled my driver on my workstation using the platform
>> > builder,
>> > what is the quick way to install my driver and add registry entries
>> > over
>> > the
>> > PDA for test or debugging?
>> >
>> >
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>> >> Printf to a log file, or a message Queue of some sort. Pretty much all
>> >> you
>> >> can do.
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