Re: viewing the c code while debugging

Hi gol,

There is a similar question in microsoft.public.windowsce.platbuilder, and
it can be a reference for you.

I hope it is useful ^_^

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Blake Chang

"gol" <gol@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Thank you for your answer,
I'm sorry I didn't explain it clear enough.
I am using an ICE, which is actually an ICD(in circuit debugger).

I don't know what is wrong, but I understand from an expert that there
be some missing symbols in the files I mentioned before. What I'm doing is
erasing the flash memory, and then loading the bootloader and running it.

When it runs I want to debug its code. I'm using Wince 6.0 on a Mainstone
board with PXA270.
Thanks a lot for your help

"Rob Nock" wrote:

Blake is correct. There is no way of debugging the bootloader unless you
are using an in circuit emulator (ICE) or a pre-loaded software monitor.
The best way is to use the UART or debug LED's to issue debug messages or
status. Even better still is to do this in assembler so that you can
your early chipset initialisation.


"Blake" <blake29.chang@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi gol,

Are you trying to debug your bootloader???
But there's still no KITL in bootloader phase.
You can use a UART to output the debug messages for debugging.

I hope it is useful ^_^

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Blake Chang

"gol" <gol@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi all,
I have a problem while trying to debug my system. Apparently, the
files eboot.exe and eboot.pdb don't have the symbols needed for
and I can't view their c source code.

Please, if someone had already seen this problem in the past and can
that would be very appreciated.
Thanks a lot.