Re: fopen/fwrite vs CreateFile/WriteFile in WindowsCE 5.0

Thank you very much for all of you.

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No, I mean that stdin/out file functions are implemented
(in coredll.dll) as simple wrappers over the Windows
I/O API. I.e. when you call fopen() function this will
finally result into CreateFile() API call, when you call
fread() function this results into ReadFile() API call,
etc ...

"Rain" <joechou@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Did you mean if I compile the application (which uses fopen/fwrite)
MSFT complier (like EVC), The MSFT complier will automatically convert
to CreateFile/WriteFile?
I wonder how it is using Create/Write API internally.

"Rain" <joechou@xxxxxxxxxx> ¦b¶l¥ó
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Is anybody know the difference which use fopen/fwrite and
CreateFile/WriteFile in WindowsCE 5.0 ?

Performance different ? Memory leak ?



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