Re: Windows CE 5.0 Device Driver Sample

So, this device doesn't implement a standard I/O type that Windows CE would
understand? Display, keyboard, network? If not, one of the serial port
drivers wouldn't be a bad place to start. They have a few
device-type-specific driver I/O control codes for setting/getting the serial
port configuration, but, other than that, they're pretty standard stream
interface drivers.

Paul T.

"Tom H." <t_hendric@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Microsoft offers many fine examples of device drivers all of which are
> more than I need. Being new to CE device drivers, I'm looking for a
> simple (Windows CE 101 type) device driver code sample which illustrates
> the bare necessities.
> Here's what I've got:
> 1. PC104 x86 SBC in a PC104 stack
> 2. The SBC came with CE 5.0 (SBC vendor supplied and has a BSP and some
> vendor specific drivers )
> 3. PC104 stack also has a peripheral board with the following
> characteristics:
> a. Board vendor does not supply a CE 5.0 compatible driver so I have to
> roll my own
> b. Standard design of having access through a contiguous block of I/O
> space addresses
> c. Switch selectable I/O base address
> d. Switch selectable IRQ assignment
> What I'm looking for is generic CE 5.0 driver sample code to do the
> following:
> 1. Register a block of I/O space at a progammable base address and with a
> programmable block size
> 2. Have byte and short read/write access within this I/O block. (like what
> is shown in ceddk.c)
> 2. Register an IRQ.
> 3. Enable/Disable the IRQ and set up event notification to my DLL when the
> interrupt occurs
> 4: Generic DriverOpen, DriverClose, DeviceOpen and Device Close
> requirements
> If this is illustrated in the Platform Builder documentation, I havn't
> found it.
> Can anyone point me in the direction for me to get the info I need?
> Thanks...


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