RE: Just installed evc4 and do not know where to go now ...

If you have WM6, I think you want Visual Studio 2008 Pro and the WM6 SDK, not
eVC. Once you have the right tools installed, you have to take care to
select the target device you actually want. For example, there are perhaps
half a dozen different emulator configurations in the WM6 SDK, as well as the
target for an actual WM6 device.

Yes, you can use the WM5 SDK and assume that the code will work the same on
WM6, but you can't debug, if I recall correctly, on a WM6 device while
targeting WM5 from eVC. We might be able to help install the WM5 SDK, if you
told us what the install failure does actually say.

Paul T.

"R.Wieser" wrote:

Hello all,

I've got a phone using WM6 and would like to write an app for it. I've
downloaded and installed EVC4 downloaded from MS-es own website, and am now

I've tried to build the default "hello world" app (F7), but got some message
about "the Standard SDK for Windows CE .NET" and the choosen (not by me!)
processor being incompatible and "cannot be run on the emulator device".

When I than try to run the app (F5) I get the same error-message but
nonetheless the "standard SDK" emulator starts. Alas, only to show an
(pretty-much) empty screen.

I did try to find some info using Google, but in vain.

In short, I'm at a loss to what to do or where to look for any advice. I
surely could use some help/directions.

Rudy Wieser