Re: #pragma unpack

The WinCE compiler supports #pragma pack to control how primary datatypes
are aligned in a struct or class.

Each data type has a natural alignment:

Data type | Natural alignment on 32 bit platforms | Alignment on 64bit
__int8 | 1 byte aligned (any adress is ok) | <same>
__int16 | 2 byte aligned | <same>
__int32 | 4 byte aligned | <same>
__int64 | 4 byte aligned | 8 byte

Using #pragma back you can change this alignment to any power of 2.

For more info check out MSDN:

"buzz" <bzburr@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
i have inherited a evc++ project

Upon compilation there are numerous c468 errors for unknown pragmas
"unpack" and "pop pack" surrounding typedefs for structures

can someone please point me in the correct direction so i can compile
without these warnings ?

My understanding is that in the application these pragmas do an
important job :)

Regards and thanks



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