evc 4 installation problem.

Hi there,

I get the following string of messages when i try to install embedded
visual C++ 4.
The installation is failing and i am not able to understand why.
Please Help!

Embedded visual C++ 4.0 requires the latest version of microsoft
windows ce platfrom manager to functin properly. The installatin
wizard will now detect the versino of yoru existing windows ce
platform mangager components to update them if necessary.

Please make sure all applications are closed before you continue.

Would you like to continue?

I click on YES.

And then it tries to install windows ce platform manager 4.0.

The i get the error , setup encountered problems installing some
critical emulation components.

You may continue with the install but emulator may not work.

Would you like to continue setup?

I click on yes , but still it rolls back the installation and i get
the message Microsoft Windows CE Platform Manager 4.0 Setup Failed.

And after this the setup terminates.

I need to install this very urgently.
Anyone who has done this before please help.