Re: compile error with eVC SP4 auto_xxx.hxx and allocator.hxx

RogelioZG wrote:
1- auto_xxx.hxx(530) : error C2964:
invalid expression as template parameter
1: typedef auto_xxx<HANDLE,
BOOL (__stdcall*)(HANDLE),

What _MSC_VER do you have? IIRC, the ones before version 13 didn't support
function pointers as template parameters. AFAIK, PlatformBuilder for CE5
compiles with 13.0 or 13.10, but I'm not sure those are installed with the
SDKs (you did generate an SDK and install it, right?).

5 -allocator.hxx(287) : warning C4068: unknown pragma
5: #pragma deprecated(shared_free_list)

This one surely is not supported by compilers before 13.x.

I already try to use VC8 but I got more errors, so I try with EVC4.

VC8 has a much more standard compliant compiler (14.x) for CE so it should
be able compile above code. Maybe you want to tackle that problem rather, I
would in your case.