Re: How to install an application on connected device using RAPI

Huh? A "connected" device? What does that mean? You can install your
application on the desktop machine and have ActiveSync install it on the
device automatically when it's next connected. There's no stand-alone
application installer API that you'd find on every desktop machine; RAPI is
installed with ActiveSync.

Paul T.

"Madhu" <Madhu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I have a specific need to install an application on connected wince device
from win32 application is there any facility to do that, presently I am
this with the help of wce application manager (CEAppMgr.exe) by passing an
ini file as command line argument to the CEAppMgr.exe. Kindly let me know
we have any easy and straight forward process.

Thanks in advance.

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