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Thanks for the reply. The link about the differences between CE and PocketPCs
helped. I'm still unclear on this:

"For example a Pocket PC application will not run on a Windows CE 3.0 device
if the application uses any of the Pocket PC Platform-specific APIs or

If I chose a Windows CE project in VS, and I intend it to run on Windows CE
without any other sdk/platform(Pocket PC flavors),

If you find a device that has Windows CE without any other platform,
please let us know; I'm quite sure I'm not the only one here who will
be surprised (but I've been wrong often enough to avoid declaring that
no such device exists.)

then how can I best debug
this using an accurate emulator? In other words, the emulator should look
like a barebones CE os.

The line that I quoted is interesting. If eventually, I wanted to distribute
this application on both Windows CE and Pocket PCs, then if I designed the
app using only common functinality between the two, then there should be
nothing special I need to consider other than deploying to a different sdk?
The compiler would do the rest of the work?

Good luck. I've been trying to maximize portability of my Windows CE
apps the whole 11 years I've been working on them. I gave up when
Pocket PC 2003 came out; the menus just don't work. That's why I
suggested that you read my earlier post. Chris Tacke, Paul G. Tobey,
and I engaged in several discussions on this topic over the years. I
think the most informative is the 30 Aug - 3 Sep 2004 thread called
"Windows CE 4.x Applications" in

Thanks for your input as I work this thru in my head.

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On Fri, 18 Jan 2008 09:19:00 -0800, kahlua001us
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Its been a while since i've developed on a mobile device, so please excuse me
if i'm missing something obvious. the naming conventions of the different
versions of sdks, mobile platforms, sql compact versions are confusing me.

i am developing a windows ce project in visual studio 2008, when i go to
debug and choose an emaulator, VS 2008, does not give me a windows ce choice,

I haven't tried VS 2008, but I assume it gives you a choice of
platforms, which are based on the Windows CE operating system. Each
platform is supported by one SDK, and each SDK supports one platform.
For more about platforms, see

but there are pocket pc and smartphone emulators. from what i remember,
applications work different from windows ce and pocket pc. anyway to get VS
2008 to use a windows ce emulator?

I don't think any Windows CE emulator exists as such. Each of the SDKs
that worked with eVC included an emulator for the corresponding
platform. VS 2005 itself comes with an emulator, and I'm pretty sure
it emulates an ARM CPU; each SDK includes "stuff" to run on that
emulator and emulate the corresponding platform.

on a side note, what would you say the percentage of ppl using pocket
pc(windows mobile?) vs window ce for business mobile devices, like Symbol,

All retail devices use one of the platforms defined by Microsoft. The
only folks using something else are the relatively few who need one of
the industrial devices from Symbol, HHP, and others. Each of those
devices actually uses a proprietary platform, but specs usually
mention the operating system. Also those companies are largely
switching from proprietary platforms to slightly modified versions of
the platforms defined by Microsoft.

If you are trying to build one set of executables that will run on
Pocket PCs, Smartphones, and industrial devices, see my 3 June 2006
contribution to a thread called " Adding SmartPhone Capability to a
Pocket PC app" in microsoft.public.pocketpc.development.

thanks in advance

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To reply to me, remove the underscores (_) from my email address (and please indicate which newsgroup and message).

Robert E. Zaret, eMVP
PenFact, Inc.
20 Park Plaza, Suite 478
Boston, MA 02116