Re: AMCAP application for win CE 5.0 (Mips Architecture)

WinCE doesn't support DirectX, generally. DirectShow and a few other things
that expose parts of the direct hardware interface are available to device
OEMs, but they are not required to use them. If you try to compile some
piece of code *against the SDK for your actual target device* and it doesn't
work, those APIs are not supported. Contact the device OEM for specific
questions about what is supported, except in cases of standard platforms
like Pocket PC and Smart Phone....

Paul T.

"Anoop Mishra" <AnoopMishra@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi !!

I am new to this wince application development and to the community, So i
not sure whether I am posting my query in the right forum or not?. If not
please help me to update about the right community.

I am trying to compile the AMCAP source code from win32 directX sdk. It is
throwing many compilation/linking errors. Please help me how to build the
AMCAP sample application for the winCE (MIPS architecture).

It would be great if i can get the location for AMCAP sample source code
winCE (Mips) version.

Thanks & Regards,
Anoop Mishra