Re: Adding color space converter filter to WINCE project

Keep in mind that the Windows CE color space converter only supports a very
small subset of color conversions. Most from a FourCC format to RGB but not
the reverse. This is because it's primarily used for color conversions from
the various YUV formats that camera drivers use to RGB for rendering the
preview window. Most likely it's not going to do whatever conversion you
need to render this file.

You may need to write your own filter for the conversion. Color conversions
are not difficult, check for details on all of the various
color formats. The "Programming DirectShow For Digital Video and Television"
book shows how to write a simple transform filter. There's also the "sample
grabber" sample transform filter that will work as a starting point.

Gary Daniels
Windows CE Multimedia and Graphics

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"Haitao Jiang (MS)" <haitaoj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Before building your image, you need to select DirectShow Video Capture
from DirectShow catalog. It will set SYSGEN_DSHOW_CAPTURE and bring in
the color space converter (CLSID_Colour). After booting up the device,
you can double check the registry to see if the converter is present or

Please see for the
details of color space converter.

Haitao Jiang
Software Design Engineer in Test
Windows Device Core Mulitimedia

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<AskVelu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I am developing an application in WINCE, that builds the filter graph
dynamically to render an .avi file.
I have the same programe running fine in Windows setup, where the
filter graph is build like this.

I ported the same application to WinCE setup, and I got a fail in
creating "Color space converter filter"(CLSID_Colour). I tried many
ways and I couldn't figure out how to add that filter as a part of
output image. I mean I couldn't sysgen that class.

Could someone please help me?