Re: USB device how-to

The problem I'm having is that I can do the IO over windows just fine
....just not the under the CE environment. Why?

I can't find the appropriate API functions that mimic the ones in
Windows, such as:

In the straight windows program, I just import functions from hid.dll
I can't however do this from CE, I just keep getting the same

Keith Welch wrote:
You might take a look here: It focuses on desktop, but it's a starting point.
Keith Welch
Mooseworks Software, LLC

"KFrancis" <byter10@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:1138583264.144659.287990@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

My project group is trying to get some sort of I/O to a device that is
USB. The USB device is HID complient and plugs into the PocketPC device
through a CF USB Host Card. Everything comes together fine, as the
device is in the device list as HID1:

Now the question,
I need some direction as how I should proceed. This is the most
integral part of my project, is that I be able to send commands and
receive data. This device was originally designed to be used on a PC
with accompanying software. The reason for the problems, is they want
to port (which will involve a re-design of the hardware if we are
sucessful) to the CE environment and the current driver is incompatible
with the architecture.

Any suggestions? Good links? Ideas?


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