App Development for WinCE

From: Craig Whatley (
Date: 07/09/04

Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2004 09:53:14 -0400

I'm about to start work on an embedded project. We recently chose WinCE.NET
as the OS. I've never used it before, so I have a basic question about app

Our product will have a GUI. I wanted a way to easily create a GUI (drag
and drop icons that produce code, I add in my callback functions, etc). I
was told that I would have to purchase Visual Studio .NET in order to get
this capability. (eMbedded Visual C++ does not have this feature?)

I'm thinking right now that I'll develop a completely unmanaged solution in
.NET with Visual C++. That way, I don't have to load a .NET Compact
Framework runtime on my target (I was told that would be about 1.5 MBytes)
AND I don't have to worry about taking performance hits from a Garbage

So, how do I produce cross-compiled code for my target? Do I have to take
all code produced in Visual Studio (including code automatically generated
for the GUI by the GUI toolkit) and run it through the eMbedded Visual C++
compiler? Is there a way to cross-compile for my target (an ARM processor)
in Visual Studio?