Re: Big Update Problem

Rick Sparks wrote:

This strikes me as WAY overkill before he simply tries to restart the updates.
Updates freeze all the time.... just cancel and restart and it will probably work fine.

This is an install-on-shutdown scenario, Rick. Last time I looked, there wasn't any option to cancel in this case.


Why is the assumption always that there's a problem with the Users' computer when the MS Update site is regularly quirky??

"MowGreen" wrote:

choccy wrote:

My dad shut down his xp laptop at 9 this morning and said it was doing
windows update etc but this was at 9am and now at 3.30 it's still stuck
on 1 of 35!

Can anyone help at all, as I'm sure when I get home about 8 tonight it
will still be the same!

Is Dad's system still stuck ? If yes, then turn the laptop off by pressing the power button and holding it for around 10 seconds.
Power it back on, it should bring up the Boot Menu since it was not shutdown properly, and then boot to Safe Mode. If the Boot Menu does not appear, use the F8 key to boot to Safe Mode:

A description of the Safe Mode Boot options in Windows XP

Once in Safe Mode click Start > Run [if Run is not available then *right* click on the Start button, choose Properties. Now click the Customize button next to Start menu or Classic Start menu.
Under 'Advanced Start menu options' scroll down to Display Run, put a mark next to it, click OK, Apply, then OK once more.]

In the Open: line type in the below and then press Enter or click OK


The MS Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool (MRT)should now be open
Click the Next button and put a mark next to Full scan.
Click the Next button. The scan should take a while to complete.

IF no infected files were detected then close the MRT.
*If* infected files were detected click the 'View detailed results of the scan' link. If malware was detected it will now show to the right of the malware that is listed.

The scan log, mrt.log, is located in

Please post back with any malware that was detected.

IF no infected files were detected then suggest you configure the system to boot to a Clean boot state. It is possible that the installed antivirus software is conflicting with the run of the MRT, thus causing the updates installation to hang.

*Please read this prior* to booting to Safe Mode, then boot the system to a clean boot state IF nothing was detected during the MRT scan:

How to configure Windows XP to start in a "clean boot" state

Restart the system to a clean boot state and see if the updates install successfully now.

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