Re: A possible leftover folder after a Windows Update

On Aug 7, 3:16 am, Drake <Dr...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I know this seems like a pain, but can anyone offer step by step instructions
to delete these files since I keep getting an error about permission when I
try to manually delete the files.


"Alex" wrote:
looks like Microsoft has found the issue as well, it's now documented here:

Today i have worked on a script to automatically detect and remove this
folder after .net installation. I will post the script within the next days
(after completing testing on some machines)

"Davide" wrote:

Same problem for me.
Simply change permission and delete.
Yes I'm bored about Windows Update but we have choice? We can hope in less
version and better release for the future.


"Daryl" wrote:

I have the same issue, but it won't let me delete the folder.
"cannot delete filterpipelineprintproc.dll: Access is denied"- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

You just need to change the permissions on the folders and files to
Full Control. Instructions to do this are in this Microsoft article:

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