Re: net framework 3.5 service pack 1 where can i download this?

You are almost completely correct.

If you search KB951847 the results you got are obtained.
If you search 951847 the results I got are obtained.

Thanks Mow, and please forgive me for doubting you.

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Why should I guess when it shows this from my location ?

6 and 7 are identical when viewed from my location.
4 and 7 are identical when viewed from your location.

Michael Jennings wrote:
Guess again Mow - the 5th is not the 4th:
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> The 4th is intended for Windows Server 2008,Windows Vista.
> The 7th is intended for Windows Server 2003,Windows Server 2003,
> Datacenter Edition,Windows XP.
> Michael Jennings wrote:
>> Freudi posted the link here yesterday, Harry:
>> I can't make out any difference between the 4th and 7th items on the list
>> Possibly they listed the same thing twice, but maybe there is a