RE: Windows Update Disable

Hello Ke,

0x8ddd0018 error

It seems possible that your Windows installation has been deliberately
damaged by a trojan (Vundo, along any uninvited guests. (SDBot and ZLOB, all
protected by a rootkit.)) so as to prevent you updating your system or
removing the trojan.

A very good antimalware app is SUPERAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes

There is a free version (on demand scanning only), the paid for version
includes active monitoring, similar to Windows defender:

Also have a look here,
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Copied яesponse from Robert Aldwinckle -

Try searching for: 0x8ddd0018 MVP

E.g. using the web interface that you are posting from
press Alt-7 and enter those two words.

In this particular case there have been so many satisfied participants
who also use the web interface that you can even use the Answered Questions
filter to reduce the number of messages you have to read through.
E.g. press Alt-i Enter CursorDown, CursorDown, Enter
after your search returns results.

Notice though that normally you will not be able to use the filters
even though there are relevant useful posts to be found. Unfortunately, not
enough users of the web interface bother to come back and mark posts that
they find helpful... ; }

Good luck

This will give you a starting point for your troubleshooting anyway.

I hope this post is helpful.

Let us know how it works ºut.

Good luck


"Ke Ante" wrote:

In the taskbar, near the clock; I recieve a Windows Secuirty Alert. The
Windows Update is truned off. I turn it on, and it tells me to turn it on
manualy through the system Properties. I go into the properties, and its
turned on. Go to the website for updates, and receive the error
code:0x8DDD0018. Whats goin on please help me.