Re: Need Service Packs

SP2 and SP3 were downloaded on my computer and copied to a CD.
When I tried to install SP2 on the other computer, an error message appeared indicating that this is Not a Valid Win32 Application.

PA Bear [MS MVP] wrote:
Ignore the "for multiple installations only" warning.

Mort wrote:
> Thank you PA Bear for the quick response.
> I am running into the following problem:
> The new computer only has XP Home loaded (no Service Packs). It is not
> on any network as yet so it cannot be connected to the internet. I plan
> to download the service packs you suggested in your response to the
> desktop of MY computer and copy to a CD so that they can be transferred
> to my wife's computer.
> When trying to download SP2 as suggested, the site you list indicates
> that it is only intended for multiple installations. I went to Windows
> Update site, but I cannot find the SP2 download for a single installation.
> Where can I find the download I need?
> Thanx again for your help.
> PA Bear [MS MVP] wrote:
>> See these instructions in a recent related thread: