Re: Windows Updates XP Pro Failing

The updates fail to *install* or they are never downloaded from the update servers ?
Where did you get the impression that the systems will not update due to the 0x80072EFD error ? That error indicates that there's a connection issue: ERROR_INTERNET_CANNOT_CONNECT
The attempt to connect to the server failed.

Check the WindowsUpdate.logs of all of the systems to see if there is a common FATAL error present. Or, a common WARNING error:

How to read the Windowsupdate.log file

If the issue is just related to the installation of the updates, see:
and do Method 1.

Are the 3 systems on a broadband wireless network ? If yes, hook one up directly to the broadband modem and see if it can update.

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nickmc wrote:


I seem to have exhausted most of the online helps and suggestions on this annoying windows updates failures. It is obviously an update that caused the problems in the first place. I had 3 separate laptops to deal with one with the update failure problems. One that was okay until it did the latest batch of updates, it now fails.
And a brand new laptop that I ran updates on, first did the WGA updates then did SP3 update, then updates following SP3 all okay until after the ones installed after the full SP3 update. Now same problem as the others.

So now thanks to what is obviously a microsoft update I now have 3 laptops that won't update windows. The new laptop is straight out of the box, first thing done windows updates so no other software on their except manufacturers stuff. All 3 laptops are of different manufacture.

Seems to be consistently error 0x80072EFD and

Have tried the suggested methods that have come up on these and other forums and none have worked so far. The systems all are using standard microsoft firewall, but nonetheless I've followed suggestions and the problems remain.

Help anyone..

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