Re: KB110806 installation failure again

OK. Many thanks. Appreciate your efforts to help me solve my problem. I'll
study your note and try out your suggestions.

"MowGreen [MVP]" wrote:

Since I know nothing about Network Magic, there is no Support link on
their homepage, and whether SP1 *really* needs to be installed or it's
just a False Positive from Network Magic ... the only suggestion I can
make is to go over the installation logs of SP1:

NET Framework 2.0 SP1 setup log files

The following is a complete list of log files that can be produced during .NET Framework 2.0 SP1
setup. This list may vary depending on what OS you are installing on, what processor architecture,
and what prerequisite components were already installed on the system prior to running .NET Framework
2.0 SP1 setup.

Logs produced by the .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 setup wrapper:

* %temp%\dd_dotnetfx20install*.txt
* %temp%\dd_dotnetfx20error*.txt
* %temp%\dd_depcheck_netfx20*.txt

Logs produced by the packages chained during .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 setup:

* .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 verbose MSI log - %temp%\dd_net_framework20*.txt
* .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 language pack verbose MSI log - %temp%\dd_NET_Framework*20*LP*.txt

My gut feeling is that since you've installed all of the previous
updates for .NET 2.0, SP1 is not required.
Network Magic may be under the "impression" that SP1 needs to be installed.
Suggest you bypass Network Magic and use Internet Explorer to do a
manual check at Windows | Microsoft Update.
Either use the update link on the Start Menu or, open IE, click Tools,
Windows Update to initiate this manual check.

Updating .NET Frameworks are difficult enough without 3rd party sofware
intrusions. Having 3rd party software tell you that it needs updating
just makes it more difficult to troubleshoot update/SP installation issues.

You could also install the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer to see
if .NET 2 SP1 is a needed update:

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merwil wrote:

Any simplification would be welcome! I'm a reasonably experienced user of
Windows but haven't encountered this kind of issue before and am therefore
trying to follow your instructions precisely as written. I don't want to
mess something up, then not be able to recover. Home network software is
Network Magic, and sequence of events is:

The network map indicates presence of a "Critical Alert", which is that
"Critical Windows updates are available for the desktop (the only computer in
the network that I have this problem with)

I then click on Fix this Issue, which launches Windows Update, which checks
to see if system has latest version of Windows, and recommends I get High
Priority updates, which turns out to be Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service
Pack 1 (KB110806) (x86)

I click to install and after it completes the download it comes back wit he
message Following updates were not installed/Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
Service Pack 1 (KB110806) (x86)

I'm not sure what applications I use may be impacted by this but I suspect a
problem I have been having on this computer in making the Internet Explorer
home page work properly, may be connected.

"MowGreen [MVP]" wrote:

I think we're making this more difficult than it already is.

Just recently, my home network software told me there
was a critical Windows update (KB110806) not installed.

What 'home network software' is telling you this ?

I ask this because .NET SP1 is not required if all updates for it have
already been installed.

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merwil wrote:

On Oct 9, 1:18 pm, "MowGreen [MVP]" <mowgr...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

All versions of the .NET Framework and subsequent updates/SPs can be
downloaded from here:

Leave the first box set to 'All Downloads' and then enter the .NET
runtime sought in the box to the right of that. Click Go.
Same for updates/SPs.
EX: enter KB928367 in the field to the right, then click Go.

BTW, the installation of KB928367 is what makes .NET 1.0 become listed
in Add/Remove as Version 1.0.3705.6060:

The info is under " Update Information " > Security Update Deployment >
Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 Service Pack 3 > File Information

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merwil wrote:


I've had XP Home running on an hp pavilion 505n just fine since
performing a clean install, using the system recovery software, about
3 months ago. Just recently, my home network software told me there
was a critical Windows update (KB110806) not installed. I tried
installing it repeatedly, but it will not install.

I researched the web and found this to be a not uncommon problem. I
read the advice posted by Aaron Stebner in Article 923100 dated March
19, 2008 and MowGreen in the response dated January 23, 2008. I'm
ready to try Method 1 using Add/Remove Programs and downloading/
reinstalling the .NET software, before resorting to Method 2 and use
of the .NET framework automatic clean up tool, with all its cautions
and caveats.

I looked in Add/Remove programs to see what .NET software is already
on the computer that I would have to remove and all I see is just 3
items, as follows:

Microsoft .NET Framework (English) V.1.0.3705 [the version installed
is 1.0.3705.6060]
Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 Hotfix (KB928367) [the version installed
is 1.1.4322)
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 [the version installed is

However, in looking in Microsoft online services I cannot find these
specific versions of this software mentioned above that are on my
computer, that I would need to perform step 4 of Method 1 where, after
having uninstalled all versions of the .NET Framework from the
computer, you then have to download and reinstall the same files.

I don't want to uninstall any files until I know where to go to
download the same files for reinstallation at step 4 in the process.

Can any of the experts participating in this usenet tell me where to
go to get the above 3 files for download and reinstallation on my

Thanks for any advice that may help me resolve this problem.- Hide quoted text -

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PABear and MowGreen. Many thanks for the advice. I'm ready to try
this but even after reading your advice I am still not sure how to
proceed. A couple more questions:

1. Finding out which versions of .NET FRamework are installed. I
found folders for all 3 released versions as mentioned in Article
318785. However, only V1.0.3705 hand v2.0.50727 had Mscorlib.dll
files in them. The v1.1.4322 folder had two files in it, specifically
gacutil.exe.config, and regsvcs.exe. Should I have a Mscorlib.dll
file in this folder too?

2. Finding the downloads for reinstallation in In
looking for the downloads I was able to get to the download for
KB928367 (for 1.1.4322) as described in MowGreen's note. But how do I
find out what the .NET runtimes are to get downloads for 1.0.3705.6060
(or for 1.0.3705 if KB928367 is what changes 1.0.3705 to
1.0.3705.6060), and for 2.0.50727.832?

From my understanding of Resolution Method 1 I should have these
downloaded, or be certain I know where to get these downloads, before
I begin.

Thanks again for any additional info you can provide on these