RE: Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (KB936330)


Hi, im a new user of vista and when a download the this service pack, my
security dont recognise it. That can be a trouble in the future if this
driver is important.

"cajun_lost" wrote:

I am a new user of Vista on my new laptop. I keep getting this 'Important'
update from Windows Update for Vista Service Pack 1 (KB936330). I have run
this update multiple times over the last few weeks with the same result.
After installing and rebooting I get into a loop which does not let Windows
start. I keep getting a message of a 'critical error' and the system reboots
within one minute. I've tried multiple 'solutions' to no avail. One solution
indicated that I needed to replace my hard drive. I have to go into Safe mode
and uninstall the update and then the computer works properly. Is anyone else
experiencing this problem? Is this service pack really that 'important'? I am
new to using Vista; I had no such problems when using XP on my desktop.