Sigma Tel HD Audio Codec on Inspiron 1501 running XP - No sound SO

I just experienced the same problem with using the updated audio driver and
then having no sound or audio device. After a whole week of trying to find
the source of constant bluescreen crashes running Vista I finally gave in and
replaced Vista with XP professional. Did all updates including SP3 and
everything went perfectly until I tried to install the audio driver I had
gotten off the Dell site meant for my laptop running XP (R171789 -12/4/07)
It was the only one listed so I figured it had to be the right one. Well as
soon as I installed it I knew something was wrong because the system crashed
and Device Status said to reinstall the drivers for this device (code 18) --
no audio device, and no sound at all. I tried several times to reinstall and
it came up with things that didn't make sense, like needing a driver
stacapi.dll, but not accepting it even though I directed it right to it in
the WDM folder! I finally uninstalled the Sigma Tel entry in device manager
but add/remove programs would not let me uninstall the Sigma Tel
program....error code 5001 - >setupDLL/setupDLL.cpp(2739) PAPP: SigmaTel
Pvendor: Sigma Tel PGUID: long
numbers/letters...$ IE.0.6000.

Thank goodness I found this exact problem mentioned here. While the "found
new hardware" search never found a suitable driver - I figured I needed to
find a previous one to the one on the Dell site so that made me go back to
the Dell site and look again. I saw a link that said "other versions" which
is where I found an older Sigma Tel driver from 5/10/07 (says 11/2/06 and is

I was worried that since I wasn't able to uninstall the bad one that the new
one wouldn't install right so I did something out of desperation that I
normally would never think of doing----I DELETED the Sigma Tel software entry
right out of Programs in Windows exporer! I really did not think it would
work at that point BUT IT DID!! I installed the older driver and SOUND IS
BACK and all entries are as they should be.

Thanks to all who take the time to help others on these forums!

"tom jones" wrote:RE: From IDT Took out my audio
Same happened to me when did windows live update after installing sp3. I fixed by going to device manager and uninstalling IDT Audio Codec under the Sound Audio section.>