Re: Windows XP SP3 update fails

On Mon, 12 May 2008 16:01:01 -0700, IanW wrote:

When I use Windows Update to try to install XP SP3 it fails in the "Preparing
for download" step with error code 0xd0000409. I have tried this five times
and each time it fails in the same way. Here is an extract from the
WindowsUpdate log:

<snip for brevity>

Things to do prior downloadin/installing SP3.

1. Make an Image backup of the hard drive/Windows Partition before you
install SP3,

2. Test your System Restore to see if it is working correctly.

3. Make absolutely sure the machine's free of any hijackware, Trojan, or
virus infections before installing SP3.

4. Run Disk Cleanup then run a Defrag session before installing SP3.

5. Disable all real-time protections (anti-virus; anti-spyware;
third-party firewall) before downloading/installing SP3.

6. Reboot twice after installing SP3.

7. Run another Defrag.

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