RE: Installation fails: MSO 2003 Security Update KB947355

I ran into a problem with this update, which repeatedly failed to install...
....but then I realized that the Word 2003 VIEWER was installed on my PC
(which is also running XP Media Center edition + Office 2003 basic FYI...)

*Removing the Word 2003 VIEWER program allowed the update to install*

Simple as that. If you have this program on your machine, get rid of it...

Now, the question remains... will my security be compromised if I add
the MS Word Viewer program to my machine once again? I was using
it to simply open .doc file attachments sent by email, without having to
crank up Word itself. It was MUCH faster. But I can live without the
increase in speed/convenience if the program poses a risk. Anyone?

Whatever the case, I hope this bit of info helps someone out there!

James K.

"Bobby" wrote:

The Office 2003 security update KB947355 fails on installation. The error
code is 1603 from the MS Installer. Even though the installation fails, the
update shows up in the Add/Remove Programs list as being installed. The
yellow auto-updates sheild is constantly in my system tray reminding me of
this one update. The same day this update failed, three other auto-updates
were successfully installed. My OS is XP Media Center Edition. Here are the
things I have tried:

1.) Removed the update using Add/Remove Programs and restarted. Then tried
installing - failed.

2.) Tried the same procedure with a fresh copy of the update (not the copy
downloaded by auto-updates) - failed.

3.) Did a Repair/Reinstall on Office 2003 using Add/Remove Programs. Update
installation failed.

4.) Completely removed Office 2003 from my PC and then reinstalled. Update
installation failed.

5.) Cleaned the registry using OneCare online. Update installation failed.
Cleaned the registry again with GlarySoft Registry Repair - update
installation failed.

6.) Another symptom is that after the computer boots up, the auto-updates
program puts my cpu into 100% usage and prevents me from doing anything for
several minutes. This didn't happen until KB947355 arrived on my doorstep.

My thanks to anyone who can tell me who to straighten out this mess.



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