Re: Error 0x80073afc "Resource Loader Failed to Find MUI" on hotfix

On Nov 13 2007, 8:41 pm, trav92 <tra...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I'm running Vista Business 64-bit, and I have had no major problems.  
Recently, I downloaded a hotfix, and when I tried to install it came up with
error code 0x80073afc "Resource Loader failed to find MUI file".  I searched
the net and found a solution saying to restart the computer a few times.  
This did not work.  I tried to clean up and make sure there were no
interfering programs as well.  Another post said to deactivate windows
defender.  I am not completely sure how to do this (I tried ending the one
process I saw that mentioned defender with no success).  I read there may be
a way to manually install the hotfix without wusa using some sort of package
manager, and so if nothing else could someone advise me how to do this.


Hi Did you manage to solve this problem-I have the same error

thanks in advance