RE: my pc always hanged up!!

Re: disc
No, usually you have a driver that's current compared to what came on the
The manufacturer's website (usually computer manufacturer unless you've
changed the original mouse and keyboard) will have updated drivers if any are
Or, you can check Windows Update or Microsoft Update Catalog currently in
beta but you can search for drivers for your products.

"bade" wrote:

hey its me again to bug around,, im trying your advice 'bout updating the
keyboard, but when i clicked the keyboard name and select the update driver,
there is these dialog box saying that "the wizard could not find a better
match for your hardware than the software you currently have installed"
same with the mice.. should i insert something like a disk if im gonna
update the driver?!! really dont have idea what to do!!!
thank you always for the help...
have a nice weekend!!!

"Gistcheckin" wrote:

You're welcome. You have a good one, too.

Right click on My Computer icon and select Manage
Click on Device Manager one time
Click the + next to keyboard to expand the menu
Right click on the keyboard name and select update driver

Click the + next to Mice and other pointing devices to expand the menu
Right click on the mouse name and select update driver software
Close device manager when you're done

You can also go to the manufacturer's site and look for downloads (ex:
logitech, HP, Dell, etc.....)


"bade" wrote:

hey thanks again for the info,, i haven't remove yet the validation tool,,
how can i update the drivers of my keyboard and mouse!!! is that im gonna do
everytime the computer froze?!! i tried it last night while im chatting with
my sister and suddenly the computer froze,, usually its just the keyboard and
mouse which hanged and now the monitor also,, so i tried your solution but it
didn't work,, and early these morning the keyboard and mouse hanged but the
picture in the monitor is still moving and again i did resynchronization and
it works... oh my it looks the problem in my computer is piling up... whew!!!
anyweiz thank you again,, now i know somebody i could ask regarding problem
with the computer...
have a great day!!!
"Gistcheckin" wrote:

You can safely delete the genuine validation tool. If Shockwave Active X and
Citrix ICA client were not damaged, you can leave them.

If using a wireless mouse and keyboard, Resynchronize your device to the

To resynchronize the mouse or keyboard to the receiver, follow these steps.

Note When you synchronize the mouse or the keyboard with the receiver, put
the device near the receiver and put other wireless keyboards and mouse more
than six feet away. 1. Press the button on the receiver, and then verify that
the light on the receiver starts to blink.

2. If a dialog box appears on the screen in several seconds, follow the
instructions that appear on the screen.

Otherwise, go to the next step.

3. Press and release the Connect Channel button on the bottom of your mouse
or keyboard.
4. Check the green light on the receiver. A steady green light means the
synchronization was successful. If the problem persists, try steps 1 through
4 again.

And, you may need to update drivers on both as well as possibly install new

"bade" wrote:

hey sorry haven't replied right away,, thanks again for the info!! i didn't
see anything as you said when i go to downloaded program files instead i saw
these Citrix ICA Client, Shockwave ActiveX Control and Windows Genuine
Advantage Validation Tool,, nothing more... should i delete these?
and these fast few days i observed that my pc doesn't froze but not these
day when my cousin used the pc and went to his favorite site the addicting
games, arcade street and miniclip.. oh my it froze and the light indicator of
the mouse and keyboard start to blink and the color of the light from green
to red til now its blinking!!! what should i do? please again help me... hope
not taking much of your time...
thank you again and waiting for your response!!
have a great day!!!

"Gistcheckin" wrote:

OS is operating system. You obviously have Windows XP, correct?

To get to Downloaded Program files, you can click Tools on the right of your
toolbar and select Internet Options
Under Browsing History on the General Tab, click on Settings Button
Click on View Objects button
This is Downloaded Program Files ( the other way is to click on Drive C then
double click on Windows Files and scroll to Downloaded Program Files)

Click on View then click on Details
If you see any listed as damaged, right click on them and remove them. If
you see any with a Black Shield with Yellow Exclamation mark within, right
click on them and remove them.
Close the window
Click Ok
Back on the General Tab under Browsing History, click on Delete Button
Click on Delete All - This will clear your cache files
Click Close
Click Ok
Reboot means restart your computer

If you do disable AV and Firewall, yes, your computer will be at risk until
you're finished with the download/install from Windows Update. You can then
re-enable them. At times, it is advised to disable them due to conflicts
with downloading/installing software.


"bade" wrote:

hey gistcheckin thank you so much for replying so fast to my problem, what is
OS?, and i recently downloaded the Internet Explorer version 7...
and how can i go to the C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files,, please help me
with these step by step,, sorry not familiar with programs here in the
computer,, and how can i reboot my system???
if im gonna disable the Anti-virus and firewall software will my computer at
risk,, coz im updating thru windows update site...
thank you gitscheckin for the info really i am thankful!!!
still waiting for your response...

"Gistcheckin" wrote:

What OS are you using? IE version?

Clear you Cache Files -
Tools>Internet Options>General Tab
Delete all history, cookies, passwords, etc.....

You might also take a look at C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files
Click on View then click on Details
If you see any listed as damaged, right click on them and remove them. If
you see any with a Black Shield with Yellow Exclamation mark within, right
click on them and remove them. Reboot your system

Try uninstalling then adding the video drivers using the Add New Hardware
Wizard. Sometimes that's all it takes.
Disable Anti-virus and firewall software if you're updating through windows
update site - retry updating


"bade" wrote:

hey i dunno if i use the right word, but my computer keeps on hang or freeze
these last week, cant recognize what's the problem, and i already defragment
it and still lots of space to use, and sometimes there is these message
saying that i should update my video driver and i already did it, and still
keeps on froze. somebody told me that maybe the problem is on the keyboard
and mouse coz the light indicator of the keyboard and mouse always blinking,,
and advice me to switch from cordless keyboard and mouse to the usual using
USB,, im not a computer whiz so pardon me with my wordings dont really know
what exact words to used.. by the way im using widows XP.. hope somebody
could HELP me with my computer!!!im patienly waiting fot response.. have a
great day!!!