Re: Vista update error code 8024A000

Searching around on Microsoft support, I found a sollution to the
problem listed under a solution for another problem. Give this a go and
hopefully it works for you or anyone running Vista with this problem.

1) Go to Start -> Run
2) Type in MSCONFIG and press enter
3) Under the 'BOOT' tab, tick the 'Safe Boot' box and select 'Minimal'
4) Press OK and proceed to restarting the computer when prompted
5) Once computer restarts log in and open Window Explorer
6) Navigate to your Windows directory and look for SoftwareDistribution
7) Rename this folder to SoftwareDistribution.old
8) Go back into MSCONFIG and turn off 'Safe Boot' and restart
9) Run Windows update again.

SUMMARY: Windows has somehow managed to corrupt its own system files,
possibly during one of its previous updates... Once you get the Windows
update to work, you will notice that Windows Defender will start to

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