Re: Microsoft Update Error Code 800706BA

MS finally came out with a solution... follow this link:

It worked like a charm!!! I'm no longer getting the error (800706BA) AND
was able to update my laptop.

Good luck!


"Rebecca Ripple" wrote:

Yes, I tried that. It didn't work, either.

"realcestmoi" wrote:

Did you try to run the program by right klicking it and choosing run as

"Barb C" <Barb C@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I uninstalled McAfee also, but it didn't change anything. When I hit the
again button it tells me I need administrator permissions, but I am the
administrator. That is the one and only active type of account on this
computer. I tried to go in and manually start some of the Windows
that seemed relevant, but that didn't do any good at all. If anything,
getting that 'Host Process for Windows Service stopped working and was
closed' etc. message even more often.

I can't get updates, I can't change my security settings, and since I
uninstalled McAfee, I have little or no protection.

Any help anybody can give would be great. Thanks!

"Rebecca Ripple" wrote:

This didn't help me. Microsoft, we need a solution! Help!

"Happy in ATL" wrote:

I uninstalled the entire McAfee security suite. After rebooting the
computer, windows update started working. Hope this helps others!

"Rebecca Ripple" wrote:

I reinstalled Windows Vista Home Premium, a genuine copy which came
with my new Toshiba a few months ago. Before I reinstalled, I was
able to
update the old installation as easy as the next person, but now,
after the
fact, I see an error message coded "800706BA" whenever I try to start
update service. It appears that something is preventing the
Intelligent Transfer Service from starting properly.

I'm more than a little bit worried about this, as I can't even
updates manually fro the Download Center. The same error occurs when
I try.
Please, I hope someone will answer this post with a solution. I
any attempts to help. Thank you!