Re: Microsoft Update not working!!!!!

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I know what the error code means. I need a fix. I've checked our firewall
and it's going thru just fine.

What's "going thru just fine"? Which request is failing? What process is
issuing it? What account is that process using? Hint: often the problem
is that connections can be established by the user but the anonymous
connections required for downloading (e.g. through BITS) cannot.
An ISA proxy server is often involved in such a problem scenario.

<title>You experience problems when you access the Windows Update
Version 5 or Version 6 Web site through a server that is running ISA Server</title>

Why is this site always unavailable. My
guess is there are too many people trying to update at once.
Microsoft needs to get better equipment if this is the case.

Try refining your symptom description?
Running through FiddlerTool may be enough to get some
more specific clues.

I'm handing out pc's with no updates cause it just won't work. I get to the
initial site to download the control you need to use the site. It says
install, then it errors out on me.

Have you tried downloading from the WU Catalog instead?
There is even a new version you could try.
E.g. here is the control download for it:

Good luck

Robert Aldwinckle

I can't get Automatic updates to work
until I get that control. Please fix your site. This is EXTREMEMLY

"TaurArian [MS-MVP]" wrote:

This error code translates to ERROR_INTERNET_CANNOT_CONNECT. This could be caused by
firewall software blocking the Windows Update Site

You may receive an error message when you search for available updates on the Windows
Update Web site or on the Microsoft Update Web site

You may receive an "Error 0x80072EE2," "Error 0x80072EE7," "Error 0x80072EFD," "Error
0x80072F76," or "Error 0x80072F78" error message when you try to use the Windows Update
Web site or the Microsoft Update Web site


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"bahamapink_diamond" <bahamapinkdiamond@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
| I'm in IT at my company and have many computers to update.
| I keep getting the same error code whenever I try to use MS update site.
| Error number: 0x80072EE7
| I've tried all the recommended fixes with no avail. I'm tired of getting
| this everytime I try to use the site.
| Please help, this is severly cutting down on my time to get other projects
| done.
| FYI: There is no problem with my internet connection. I can get to other
| sites with no problem. Can't we get the site to work Microsoft???