Re: Genuine Windows ActiveX NOT Listed as Add-On

Good idea. I think I used this site long time ago and for all I know, it's
still installed from way back when. Can you tell me which control in the
list is the pcpitstop test control? I can't immediately recognize it.

And how do you delete it from within Manage Add-ons? I can see where you
enable/disable but not delete. Do I need to use an ActiveX manager?

"Robin Walker [MVP]" <rdhw@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Pete Beach <petes457@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

3. I know that site also ( and my
browser works perfectly with it. Just tried it again and it works
fine. Loading ActiveX and scripting.

If you now delete the ActiveX add-on from your PC (using Manage Add-ons),
can your browser still reload it afresh?

Robin Walker [MVP Networking]