Re: help me out with this Error Code: 0x80246008

"TaurArian [MS-MVP]" <taurarianREMOVECAPS@xxxxxxxxxxx> kirjoitti
MS solution posted by another user:

Also FixWindowsUpdate should solve this problem in no time and easily: This is a BITS-problem and FixWindowsUpdate is made to solve this particular problem.

I just spoke with the author, and he told me that there is more to come to this program. I the future it is not gonna be only BITS-oriented, but fixes other problemas also.

The GUI has buttons with captions of error code. For example clicking a button with caption "0x8007something" would fix that error.

The first to be added is gonna be a fix for error 0x80070643.

He is on his way to making an Universal Troubleshooter for XP. And it is gonna be freeware like FixWindowsUpdate is.