Re: 2000 Pro - Updates Download but wont install

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> Thanks for your help Robert - If I install FileMon - What exactly should I be
> looking for?

Clues. <eg>

> Isnt there any easy way to just reset all permissions? Thanks

Search for Torgeir's posts about secpol (on Google Groups)
Some of the discussions about it that I can remember have been
aged out of the web interface's cache.

Oops. It appears that there are now more posts from me making
comments about it than Torgeir actually mentioning it! Use the author:
attribute specifier to make sure you are looking at the real thing:*

Good luck


> "Robert Aldwinckle" wrote:
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>> > Everything works fine on V4 as I just had to revert to this last night in
>> > order to install some critical updates. Everything works perfectly. With V6 -
>> > the downloads download and then immediately say fail. If I go back to windows
>> > updates , the file is still downloaded but again just wont install.
>> >
>> > Can an MVP tell me what the differences are in the install process between
>> > V4 and V6.
>> The difference is that multiple processes are involved with multiple accounts
>> and hence multiple permission lists.
>> As others were trying to show you your problem has to do with permissions.
>> However, I don't know how to identify which process, account or permission
>> will be your problem.
>> What I often do is use FileMon to supplement the diagnostics provided
>> by AU and WU. E.g. filtering on SoftwareDistribution;Update;CatRoot
>> seems to fill in some of the holes that just WindowsUpdate.log or the
>> various install logs leave for us (given that we don't have any other
>> internals documentation which would make it easier to infer what the log
>> messages tell us.) FileMon would show you which account was involved,
>> and possibly give you some clues about permissions if the problem is file
>> permissions. Unfortunately because the BITS service (e.g.) does not run
>> under its own svchost.exe process it won't be clear if that service's
>> account is the problem. E.g. which service is this referring to?
>> > 2005-08-05 22:04:27 1188 378 Service WARNING: GetUserTokenFromSessionId
>> > failed with hr 0x800706d3
>> Using the filter I suggested FileMon would show you the PID which wrote
>> that message to WindowsUpdate.log and the account. Unfortunately,
>> the PID will likely be the shared svchost.exe so you can't tell which
>> service was doing it.
>> ....
>> > have tried everything. I have 2000 pro with all updates and patches and have
>> > removed the softdistr folder, played around with services, re-registered
>> > dlls, even reinstall the 2000 rollup. There is only 1 account on my PC and it
>> > is the admin account.
>> That may be your problem then. Look at the Log On tab of BITS
>> properties (for example). I see selected the radio button:
>> Log on as: Local System account
>> That would be the account whose permissions would be the problem.
>> If it didn't exist that would be the same as having no rights.
>> HTH
>> Robert Aldwinckle
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