RE: What are the "hidden" updates?

Sounds like a typical Microsoft screwup to me. Conspiracy? Like the one that
claims that in the middle of the XP license agreement it says "I sign my soul
over to Microsoft/Bill Gates"? Who knows. Microsoft is a strange company, but
my bet is it's just some kind of glitch.

"bf3qp9k" wrote:

> Help!
> When I go to WU - "Critical Updates and Service Packs" for a Windows 2000
> machine with SP4 and the rollup, I see 3 more updates to apply (GDI+
> detection tool, JScript update, and certificate validation flaw) but the
> total count of Critical Updates and Service Packs is 8. I can remove the
> three I see, but then the count is 5.
> Bug or feature? WU has never had trouble counting before. What are these 5
> unspecifed, non-negotiable updates? I've never been big on the black
> helicopter conspiracy theory crowd, but this makes me a tad paranoid! What's
> the deal?
> Henry