Re: HELP! Everything fails to install each time!

Hi FirstHandExp,

Information relating to Windows Update activity should be in the Windows
Update.log file located in the C:\WINNT folder (assuming that WIN2K is
installed on C drive.....if it's installed on another drive, change the
drive letter to reflect the location of WIN2K). Open this .log file in
Notepad, and copy/paste in a reply post the information that is date/time
stamped for the date and time that the SP4 update was unsuccessful (if need
be, take note of the date and time, access Windows Update to try d/loading
and installing it again, and then open the .log file after the computer has
restarted and copy/paste the information for the date and time that you
noted prior to accessing Windows Update).

I'd like to also suggest that you post the problem that you are
experiencing, along with the information that you copy from the Windows
Update.log file, in this newsgroup:
My first-hand knowledge of and experience with WIN2K is quite limited, as I
haven't had that OS on my computer for a few years now. I am thinking that
those who frequent the win2000.windows_update newsgroup may be better able
to assist you.


Patti MacLeod
Microsoft MVP - Windows Shell/User

"FirstHandExp" <FirstHandExp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Patti,
> I'm experiencing a similar problem to Eric. I'm trying to install Win2000
> SP4. I'm not running anything except IE6 SP2. After downloading the
> Installer, the Wizard backs up the necessary files, creates new CAB files
> then I get the Blue Screen of Death for about a nanosecond. The machine
> automatically reboots and appears to work fine, except that the install is
> not complete. When I attempt an express install to avoid having to
> the same files repeatedly, the Installer insists on downloading the whole
> again.
> When I go to the Windows Update page, per your advice to Eric, I can see a
> few successful installs, MANY failed installs and the two 'In Progress'
> installs of SP4. However, the status indicator is plain text. There is no
> link to follow. =(
> Additional suggestions?
> "Patti MacLeod" wrote:
> > Hi eric,
> >
> > Go the the Windows Update site, and click on the View installation
> > link under Other Options in the left sidebar. Click on the Failed link
> > the Status column beside one of the failed updates. Post back with any
> > further information that the link may yield.
> >
> >
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > --
> > Patti MacLeod
> > Microsoft MVP - Windows Shell/User
> >
> > "eric james" <eric james@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> > news:E718E934-E07F-43B5-B13C-8E0E6C7A87A4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > > Anything I try to update recently doesn't work! It simply downloads
> > then
> > > it says "failed" and then goes to "the following updates were not
> > installed."
> > >
> > > WHAT? WHeres my error msgs or warning? How come it doesn't even tell
> > why
> > > it failed? how do I solve this? Is this a anti-spyware thing? The only
> > thing
> > > I have running is Spybot's tea-timer and popup-blocker. I don't see
> > those
> > > could affect this. No firewalls either.
> >
> >
> >


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