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KB867282 and KB890923 are Critical Updates for IE.
KB891711 is not.
Which update has caused an issue ? Since IE's updates are cumulative
( this means that all IE updates are included in later ones ), any issue with them would be apparent immediately. So let's assume the issue is with KB891711. It was re-released as it was causing issues. Did you uninstall the earlier release and install the re-release ?

You can obtain the update from Windows Update by following the steps laid out here :
How to download Windows updates and drivers from the Windows Update Catalog

After doing Step 3 under " Download Windows updates from the Windows Update Catalog " then you can enter KB891711 in Advanced Search Options.
Download and save the update, do NOT run it. Close IE, then install it.

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joel wrote:

I have installed several alleged critical ie updates and they have completely ruined my system; I'm running ME; how do I delete them?
KB890923; KB891711;KB867282

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