Re: Allowing internet access in Terminal sessions...

You can still control those things through the zone configuration but the reason they are having to add those sites is because of the IEESC. It's up to you on the amount of pain you want to give your users but there are easier ways of controlling those things you want which is through proper zone configuration.

Jeff Pitsch
Microsoft MVP - Terminal Services

Mrpush wrote:

I'm not sure that I want to remove it, but rather "manage" sites somehow?

If I remove it, will it allow scripts etc to be run by users on the server?

I don't want to create a security/Infection problem.



"Jeff Pitsch" wrote:

1) In add/remove programs/Windows Components, make sure you have unchecked IEES (Internet Explorer Enhanced Security).

2) Not without going to a 3rd party product like Citrix XenApp

Jeff Pitsch
Microsoft MVP - Terminal Services

Mrpush wrote:

MS 2003 server with Terminal servers, IE explorer 7.

I want to allow my TS users to have internet access from the Terminal sessions so that links to web sites etc from within apps are active. I have some concerns however.

1.) Explorer 7 security is set to MEDIUM-HIGH on servers, and anytime a user will try to access a web site, they will get the "Content being blocked" pop-up and have to CLOSE or ADD the sites they are trying to view.

I would turn down the security level, but I'm concerned then about user infecting the TS's with spyware etc by clicking the wrong things.

And I don't want users to have to always see the CONTENT BLOCKED pop-up or have them add BAD sites to the trusted sites.

Are there some guidelines on how to safely setup a browser and manage TS users internet access and sites in TS sessions?

2.) Seems that FLASH web sites don't work well in TS sessions. Anyway around this?

Thanks much,



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