Re: Installing Excel 2003 to Windows 2003 Terminal Server

Do other office apps work? Can an admin use the Excel?

Jeff Pitsch
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Will wrote:
After instaling Office 2003 Small Business Edition to a W2K3 Terminal Server
in Application Mode, an ordinary user on the box is unable to start Excel.
Excel 2003 starts to the main windows and then presents the modal dialog
with the error "Feature is not available" and after hitting OK on the dialog
Excel quits.

The Microsoft page for installing Office 2003 to a terminal server says that
you can use the non Enterprise versions of Office as long as the users have
individual licenses to use Office, and that is the case here. There are
only two Excel users on this machine and both have licenses reserved to this
one computer.

Is there some trick to getting Excel to work for ordinary users in a
Terminal Server install?